Private Movie Screening & Cabana Candlelight Lunch, Sundowner or Dinner in the Room of Dreams

Time :
Lunch 11.30 am to 2.30 Pm
Sundowner 3.30 pm to 6.30 Pm
Dinner 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Price :

Get ready to woo your partner with Romantic Candlelight Dinner inside the Bohemian Cabana illuminated with lights in the Luxurious Airconditioned Room of DREAMS. The Cabana is decorated with flower Chandelier, fur & Rose Cushions. The dinner table is beautifully decorated with LOVE Neon LED sign, Candles in Pearl glass Jars, LED Bottles, lanterns decorated with Flowers & Candle Pillars to create an Exclusive Dining Experience. Room comes with Projector and Extra-Large Screen where you can play Private Pictures, Videos, Movie Screening, or romantic Music using your mobile or pen drive. One May Dance, Sing, relive their old moments through their photos and videos played on screen or just make love and talk to each other in complete privacy. The Magic doesn't stop here … The Seven Course Food and Drink Menu has a Chef Special surprise in the end which melts in your mouth. We promise that you will leave with lot of Memories & some dreams Fulfilled

What's included :

  • Decorated Cabana with Flower Chandelier, fur, Rose Cushions in Room of Dreams
  • The Beautifully decorated Dinner table with LOVE Neon LED sign, Candles in Pearl glass Jars & LED Bottles, lanterns decorated with Flowers & Candle Pillars
  • Watch Movie, Own Personal Pictures or Videos, Play Romantic Music on Projector and Extra-Large Screen or simply talk to each other and express your love in complete privacy (Bring your Own Movie in pen drive / Laptop)
  • Special Food and Drink Menu with a Chef Special Surprise in the end which melts in your mouth

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Candlelight dinner Review

booked private Cabana candle light dinner with movie screening in room of Dreams online. This is a wonderful setup for completely private Dinners . I loved the decoration the privacy the Cabana various articles which looks so beautiful as if they came out of dream to create that ambiance . I could played various romantic songs for my partner on the screen and ended with personal photos plate from mobile gallery on screen. Relieved those moments in a wonderful setup. Special thanks to Sohan for superb service and to kitchen team for creating wonderful food for both of us.

By Abhishek Jain

It was a birthday and we decided to celebrate it with Royal Baradari Candle light dinner experience. Chocolate truffle cake along with the wonderful mocktail, starters, main course and desserts was nice . round Baradari is mesmerizing and offers full privacy. Beautiful decorations, wonderful service, romantic music good views all formed to give a very good experience to us.

By Anjali Rawat

Pakwaan candlelight dinner restaurant was our obvious choice because of the beautiful decorations and the dinner together. weather was awesome on the rooftop and since we were family, we book the Bohemian style decorated table and chair for the dinner. We took ala carte menu along with the decorated table. Overall ambience is suitable for families and couples.

By Naveen Jain

We booked the Bohemian style decorated table and chair dinner in the private air conditioned room which was full of balloon decorations. The room is lovely and so were the decorations specially the long net table runner lighted with LED was the highlight of the room. It is such an economical dinner with wonderful food and service. will remember just enough for a very long time. Sohan Singh is the best guy and best with poilte service .
I love the place

By Deeksha

I booked the Bohemian style decorated table and chair dinner on the rooftop it's a beautiful setting with wonderful views, wonderful decorations, and good quality food and service. We were staying at the hotel and even booked flower and balloon decoration of the room along with the bathtub decorations also in the room. this hotel and restaurant is unique as it offers a lot of decorations and takes good care. Both me and my partner enjoyed it thoroughly.

By Kisu

I booked the honeymoon Cabana suite with decorated bathtub and balloon decoration for my stay along with fresh fruit white chocolate cake with roses flower bouquet and candlelight dinner in the cabana room. I must appreciate that the restaurant and the staff delivered all the services so well that both of us one left with a very pleasant feeling and an overall experience which is not less than the delightful. Special thanks to the team who pulled this off so well for both of us.

By Shikha Naik