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Enjoy your tour with the rajasthani way of entertainment in Hotel Sarang Palace

Jaipur Mehandi Making

Jaipur Elephant Ride

Puppet shows and Folk Songs

Mehandi Making
Elephant Ride
Puppet shows and Folk Songs
Get the Traditional Rajasthani Mehandi applied on both hands, front & back @ 1499/-
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Enjoy the once in lifetime Elephant ride . The hotel offers a package of Elephant ride along at Amber fort with private car transfers @ 2999/- for a couple.
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Enjoy the evening on the roof top with the Rajasthani folk music. This is a paid program and Done occassionally upon the request and Payment of Guest
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Rajasthani folk dances

Light and sound show

Chokhi Dhani

Rajasthani folk dances
Light and sound show
Visit Rajasthani Village : Chokhi Dhani
These evening consists of a programme of Ghoomar Kalbeliya Dance, Fire Dances, Chirmi Dances, Bhavai , Puppet - shows, Folk Songs, Banjara Dances etc. These Various dances forms & styles are Performed by skilled Artists (Men & Women). The Instuments Played While performing the Dance forms are dhol, Bankiya, Thali, Tabla, Harmonium etc.These dances when enjoyed along with the traditional & modern authentic cuisines & drinks makes the evening beautiful & memorable. For groups also have a provision for (Kachhi Ghori) This is a dummy Horse dance performed with Bankiya for Gala Welcome.
* Dances With Dinner = Rs.500/-Per Person
* Only Dances = Rs.250/- Per (Taxes are extra)

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Enjoy the Essentially a theatre show without live actors. Covers the story of Amber Fort & Jaipur dynasty, with appropriate blend of history, anecdotes, music and effects. Show runs daily in sequence 1st English and 2nd Hindi.
English (7:30 pm) & Hindi (8:30 pm) .
Car transfers @ 1100/- for a couple (entrance tickets & parking exclusive).
The hotel organises an evening package of this tour along with night view of Jalmahal palace with private car transfers.
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The hotel organises a package tour to chokhi Dhani villgae resort with private car transfers . One Can enjoy the Elephant ride, Camel Ride, folk dancers, magicians, puppet artists and fortune tellers performing their arts for the guests. The village fair is recreated as an ongoing celebration of the of the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of Rajasthan.
Private car transfers @ 1100/- by small car (entrance & parking exclusive)
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Ayurvedic Massage Center
Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda and Spa Packages are available with our partnered Kerala Ayurvedic Center that provides treatment by various herbal oils as well as special weekly packages for long staying guests. Some interesting packages include weight loss package, rejuvenation package, stress management, pain management program, Beauty care program and more. All packages are complete with car transportation to the Ayurvedic Center and back to the hotel.
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General Body Massage
Abhyanga-Head, Face & Body Massage
Synchronised Massage
In this full body massage is done with ayurvedic medicated oils by two therapists in a synchronized manner. According to classical texts, this massage is indicated daily to prevent ageing and degeneration process. This is a masterpiece of Kerala Ayurveda discovered from the classics and improvised for the modern generation. This stimulating treatment increases blood circulation, which in turn encourages quick removal of metabolic wastes, while providing relief to diseases such as anxiety, fatique, circulatory disorders, wrinkles and scales, enabling sound sleep.
A-With basic Ayurvedic oils : Rs. 900/- per session
B-With four special Ayurvedic oils : Rs. 1100/- per session
C-With aroma oil-essential oils : Rs. 1200/- per session
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The body-(neck to feet) is massaged with Ayurvedic medicated oils selected. It tones, improves circulation, restores energy and provides relaxation.
Duration: 55 minutes
A-With basic Ayurvedic oils : Rs. 500/- per session
B-With 2 special Ayurvedic oils : Rs. 700/- per session
C-With aroma oil-essential oils : Rs. 800/- per session
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In this head, face and body is massaged with different Ayurvedic oils. It tones, improves circulation, restores energy, good for skin and provides relaxation. This therapy will treat the whole body physically, mentally and emotionally while balancing the doshas.
Duration: 70 minutes
A-With basic Ayurvedic oil s: Rs. 700/- per session
B-With four special Ayurvedic oils : Rs. 900/- per session
C-With aroma oil-essential oils: Rs. 1000/- per session
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Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment
Pizhichil (Oil Therapy-Bath)
In this first face massage is given with some special Ayurvedic oils or with some herbal cream and then face scrub is done. At last herbal face pack-mask is applied on the face. It nourishes, cleanse, and detoxify the skin. It makes skin smooth and glowing.
Rs. 300/- per session
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This is the most popular and relaxing therapy in Ayurveda.In this therapy Ayurvedic medicated oil is continuously poured in a thin stream on the forehead in a special pattern for fixed time. Good for relaxation, insomnia, anxiety, depression and mental stress. Sirodhara rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind.
Sirodhara with only head and face massage – Duration: 50 minutes - Rs.1000/-per session
Sirodhara with 2)-A massage Duration: 90 minutes Rs. 1500/- per session
Sirodhara with 2)-B massage Duration: 90 minutes Rs. 1700/- per session
Sirodhara with 2)-C massage Duration: 90 minutes Rs. 1800/- per session
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In this therapy about 4-5 ltr of lukewarm Ayurvedic oil selected according to body constitution is poured on the whole body and light massage is administered. This therapy is beautiful combination of two treatments, Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation). This therapy protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity for a healthy life. It tones up the skin, nourishes the muscles and nervous tissues and eliminates metabolic waste through skin. It also retards ageing process, arrests degeneration of the body cells, good for paralysis and neurological problems and relieves rheumatic and joint pains.
Pizhichil with head and face massage - Duration 55 minutes - Rs.1200/- per session
Pizhichil with 2)-A massage- Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes- Rs.1800/- per session
Pizhichil with 2)-B massage- Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes- Rs.2000/-per session
Pizhichil with 2)-C massage- Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes- Rs.2100/- per session
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Herbal Steam Bath
A variety of herbs with high medicinal value (chopped and fried leaves of some specific medicinal herbs) are packed in leaf bundles-boluses which are then used to massage the body. It is an additional therapy to any of the above mentioned therapies. Good for soreness-stiffness in the body, sports injuries, soft tissue inflammation, good for circulation and joint or muscular pain also. It is very good for cervical or lumbar pain.
Rs. 300/- per session.
Duration : 20 minutes
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In this therapy the individual is made to sit inside a steam chamber, with the head outside. The chamber lets out herbal steam from medicinal herbs, makes the individual perspire, which promotes cohesion between cells. This therapy opens up the pores of the skin, removes all wastes, tones up the skin and gives skin a special glow, reduces fat tissue and good for muscular pain also.
Rs. 150/- per session
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In this therapy dry and deep massage is given to the body with some herbal powders. Udwarthanam reduces obesity, blood cholesterol, strengthens muscles and it is good for the skin also.
Rs. 500/- per session
Duration: 30 minutes
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This is a therapeutic treatment for nose, throat, sinuses and head. In this therapy herbal steam is given on face and than specific Ayurvedic oil drops are administered in nostrils. It is good for allergic condition of nose, sinusitis and cold also. Nasyam stimulates the nervous tissue, enhances the function of eyes, nose, ears and induces sound sleep.
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In this therapy specific ayurvedic oil or ghritam is retained in a dome-reservoir made over the eyes with black gram paste. This therapy has a cooling effect on irritated and stressed eyes. It relieves eyestrain, improves eyesight and other eye related problems.
Rs. 500/- per session
Duration: 30 minutes
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